Here is what workshop participants are saying about my workshops and BrainGym:

“I am a reading intervention teacher. This is my eighteenth year to teach. Prior to this year, I have always taught in the special education setting. I have been a resource teacher, worked in the content mastery lab and have, for the most, enjoyed my job. I have always felt that something was missing. This year my assignment has brought great joy. I am working with RTI Students in the area of Reading. I love it but, still have had the same feeling of something is missing. These students are capable!

I attended Angie’s workshop on a Friday and had the best time.  ( I could go on and on) I implemented what I had learned on Monday and was excited to see that the students really seemed to enjoy these exercises. I have witnessed some amazing things over the past four weeks. I have seen progress in their fluency, test scores increase and the neatest one yet was when a student asked me if he could come in @ 8:00am and do the exercises before his reading benchmark. (WOW)

Most important I have seen positive attitudes blossom. This has been an answer to a prayer.”

–Michele Merkel, Canyon, TX

“Angie, I can not say enough about Brain Gym.  It helps me as an individual to center my thoughts.  Get my brain actually working together.

I use Brain Gym in my class.  Before tests we center.  We use many of the exercises I learned.

I have a child with a learning disability.  His writing is horrible.  We used Brain Gym to help him relax, centralize, and work on his eye sight where his writing can be read.  My son graduated with high grades and uses Brain Gym in college.

Thank you for taking the time to share this with me, my students, and my family.”

Pam Edwards
Teacher Tulia High School

Hi Angie!

Brain Gym really helps ease the “Friday” stress that many, many First Grade students are experiencing. That is such a sad commentary on our Education system, yet it is so true. They know there will be tests all morning and many either shut down or get sick or freeze.

I start each Friday Reading class with a 5-10 minute session of Brain Gym. Students begin calming down, settling in and tensions melting away. They usually ask “Do we get to do that moving stuff today?” They love the opportunity to move around and laugh with their peers.

I would recommend Brain Gym to any age person.

Lynn, Texas Teacher


Below you’ll find comments we took from your workshop evaluations. I think you’ll find that people love you and if I may take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the spirit in which you have conducted the (3) workshops you’ve done for Region 16 Education Service Center. Your enthusiasm is contagious and your passion is evident! We look forward to hearing many good things coming from Superior Performance!! God Bless!!!

Max Hudson
Assistive Technology
Region 16 ESC

1) This training was awesome, and I have started using the brain gym exercises with my 1st graders!!
2) I would highly recommend the Brain Gym workshop to all school districts and all staff. It is a way for ALL students to improve their skills and abilities across the curriculum.
3) Very good workshop and I enjoyed it extremely
4) Loved it!
5)I Came back to school and used the PACE the next school day.
6) I loved it and can’t wait to try on many populations! Would love to have a more extensive bal a vis x training – even for a fee
7) I loved this training and want to learn more about brain gym and bal a vis x.

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