My Journey Out of Religion

Deconstruction: A Journey from Daughter of the Kingdom to Sacred Feminine Goddess

This is the story of my journey from a right-wing ultra conservative legalistic Christian into the discovery of who God really is and the divine feminine power that lives inside of me.

Download the whole story as a PDF

Part 1 — Chastized

Part 2 — The Book of Non-Existent Doctrine

Part 3 — Preparing to Meet Mr. Elder

Part 4 — Challenging Authority

Part 5 — Divine Intervention

Part 6 — A Father’s Painful Gift

Part 7 — How Did I Get Here?

Part 8 — Boxes Everywhere

Part 9 — Questions and Logic

Part 10 — Gifts and Blessings

Part 11 — The Seeker

4 thoughts on “My Journey Out of Religion”

  1. I am up reading this. It is very interesting. My journey has been somewhat the same- yet a little different. But I am with you in thoughts. I will finish tomorrow.

    1. Glad you are here. Yes, our journeys do have many similarities (at least from what you’ve mentioned to me so far), yet we seem to have landed in slightly different places….not far apart, just a little bit different.

      Enjoy the read and thanks for taking time to check it out.

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