The Woman with the Bleeding Issue

March 29, 2010 0 Comments

Five years ago, somethings begin to shift inside me. At the time, I had no idea just how much shifting there would be, but suffice to say it has been a lot.

I had begun to learn about the energy that flows in our bodies, and that information, combined with the extensive collection of Biblical information I had acquired over the years, started coming together in a way that pushed out some old beliefs and ushered in some new perceptions.

The story of the woman with the bleeding issue in Mark 5 fascinated me. I was new to the concept of the body’s energy system, but I had seen the evidence that it existed. As I read through that story over and over, the sentence where Jesus felt the power (some versions say energy) leave his body when she touched–not his skin, arm, leg, etc., –his cloak. She reached into his aura and didn’t even touch HIM, yet the healing energy transferred from his body to hers. That’s the part that really got me thinking.

Having grown up believing that all miraculous healing power of touch had passed away with the deaths of Jesus’ apostles, this was a bit of a stretch for me. Yet I reasoned that if HE did it, and if WE have that energy running through OUR bodies, why wouldn’t this still be possible? Could it be that through the ages of various oppressive religious regimes, we simply disconnected from the source of that healing energy? Could it be that we have excused ourselves from this responsibility to help others heal by claiming that it “passed away”? We are so willing to pray for one another, which is certainly a good thing, but is it enough for people who claim to be children of God?

Jesus spent HOURS with the Divine source of his power. Many Christians believe he WAS the source of the power, but I contend that he simply knew how to plug into and become one with the Source to recharge his own energy…..and so can we.

Seeing is believing for many people. When I began to raise these questions to spiritual leaders, I was asked if I had seen anyone healed…not the sneaky stuff that is subjective, but documented biggies like sight restored to the blind, paralyzed limbs regaining strength, cancer cured….which I had not. But there are those who claim they have seen and experienced exactly those types of healings. Obviously, theirs was not a circle in which I hung out, so the opportunity to “see” has been lacking. Interestingly enough, Jesus praised and called blessed those who believe without seeing.

I believe things are impossible because we believe they are impossible or non-existant. The first step to experiencing a miracle is believing one is possible. The woman with the bleeding issue had no doubt that all she needed was to reach into Jesus’ energy field. The second step is to find those modern day Jesuses who have plugged into the Divine source. They do exist. Maybe some day I will be one, too.

It’s certainly possible.

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