Who Decides Right and Wrong?

Sometimes it becomes necessary to analyze core beliefs as part of a pathway to wellness. Spiritual beliefs can have either positive or negative effects on our health. Therefore, this blog occasionally addresses spiritual beliefs.

A couple of days ago, I posted a comment on Facebook that triggered the question who decides what is right and what is wrong, specifically in terms of the Bible. I had suggested that the words of a public figure, who has positioned himself to be an influential spokesperson for conservative Americans, directed at a creative genius who has VERY different views were inappropriate behavior for someone who claims a connection with Divinity. The FB comment said there are lots of folks out there who are just Biblically wrong.

Wow…such a thought provoking statement. I was grateful for the opportunity to think through this part of my own faith.

One of my biggest issues is in deciding what “Bibilically wrong” really is. I’m probably only speaking about myself, but my views of what that is came from people (preachers, teachers, youth ministers, etc.) whose objective was to train me up to think exactly like them. Other kids were learning something else, while I was being taught that they were wrong. Same God, same Bible, same head hauncho (Jesus), but we were right and they were wrong and they were “lost”. That position has softened a bit, but it is still applied when it is convenient and benefits the position.

What if the far out ideas of people like Avatar and Titanic director James Cameron aren’t wrong, but are in fact more right than anything we’ve ever allowed ourselves to believe possible? What if we are limiting possibilities because of the way we choose to interpret the Bible? ¬†Jesus was one of those with some pretty far out ideas that didn’t jive with the paradigm of the time. For that matter, he was as “Torah-ly wrong” as anyone could get: Healing on the Sabbath, picking grains of wheat from the field on the Sabbath, and claiming to be the son of God. Look what it got him, compliments of the keepers of right and wrong. The same scenario has been repeated throughout history anytime someone’s words, deeds, and actions didn’t fit the religious views of the time.

It seems we often forget that as humanity, we are all one—one body, one spirit, one Divinity, and actions taken to attack one is an attack on ourselves. I no longer believe that the “One Body” reference applied only to those who have followed a prescribed series of steps culminating in their being added to the Body. They may be a wetter, cleaner, better-smelling body part, but their being “added” is irrelevant since they always were a part of the whole which was God created and Spirit indwelled.

So when a person who calls himself Christian attacks, even jokingly, another person who dares question or criticize the traditions, beliefs, and manuscripts we have chosen to accept as divinely inspired (which ironically differ from the divinely inspired documents of similar religions–who is right?), it is essentially cannibalism and I believe may ultimately result in us destroying ourselves and our world. We won’t have to worry about a judgment day. We’ll just continue attacking anyone who chooses to see things differently, and eventually, like cancer, we will consume ourselves right out of existence.

Frankly, we will probably get to repeat this process until we figure it out and get it right. As for Blibical right an wrong, there are only two commands: Love the Lord and love your neighbor as yourself. In my opinion, everything else is subjective or simply historical.

Peace and love to you.

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