Just a Little Talk with Jesus

Yesterday at 4:00 PM, I had a little talk with Jesus. Notice I did not say TO Jesus, I said WITH Jesus.  That’s right. I did something I never thought I would do. I paid a woman who claims to channel archangels, ascended masters, and Jesus Christ himself to give me 30 minutes of her time and attention, just to see what she would say. I was not disappointed.

Now before you decide I have lost my mind or that I have gone over to the dark side, keep in mind that the very Bible we faithfully uphold as the divinely inspired word of God has many examples of special people who received direct revelation from Spirit beings. The Old Testament is full of them, and even the New Testament has its share of people who received the audible voice of God.  Also know that I went into this session with a healthy dose of skepticism, but also a desire to be open if in fact it was real.  After all, if there is one thing I have learned in my five year search for MORE, it is that God speaks to us in many ways and God will give us the signs and confirmation we need to understand the divine purpose for our lives.   

My channeling session took place over the telephone. The kind lady with whom I worked is a woman named Rosalee Sirgany. Her website at http://www.goldeneaglespirit.com/ indicates she is a contemporary mystic. I believe my discovery of her work was divinely directed, yet those circumstances are a blog post for another time.

She began by greeting me in the usual way, calling me by the name I used to contact her, which is Angie, and indicated that she was channeling Jesus Christ. I was good with that. After all, I had very specifically been asking God to let me hear his audible voice. Rosalee immediately interrupted herself and said she was getting “Angela” and asked if my real name is Angela, which it is. That information is readily available on the internet, so there is nothing stunning about her knowing my real name.  She did tell me that I should go by my real name because it is much more energetically a match for me, and it is the name I chose before I came. I told her I had always felt my nickname of Angie was more me because it is short and catchy and fun. She indicated that is not the case and that Angela would in fact be more empowering to my attainment of my goals. I plan to have someone muscle check me to see which name actually supports my body’s energy system the best. Interestingly, she is not the first person to suggest that maybe Angie isn’t the name that resonates best for me.

She asked if I had questions. I told her that I was seeking some guidance with regards to career decisions. I indicated that I had held my current position with the local school system for 18 years, and that I had recently completed massage therapy school. My dilemma was in figuring out which one would get my undivided attention. I did not mention any dissatisfaction with my long-time career, nor did I mention any special passion for massage. However, I do know that a person might be able to draw some conclusions based on many of my blog posts.

She said my current work is not supporting me energetically. It leaves me feeling drained. The massage, on the other hand, she said fills me with joy and love and that I am VERY good at it. She emphasized this several times. She said if I will do that which fills me with joy and love, I will be very successful. She said the positive energy I generate when I do what I love will naturally draw people to me and to my business. She said finances might be tight at first, but that it is much more important that I do what I love than have a steady paycheck and supposed security by staying with something that drains me. Again, in all fairness, it is possible that a person could generate this information from my writings.

Then she got me where I couldn’t find a loophole. I mentioned that I was considering a return to school to get an RN license. She very quickly said, “No. You are tired of studying and do not wish to study anymore. Going back to school will only leave you with what you already have.” NOTHING I had said or written up to that point could have given her this idea, and yet as soon as she said it, I knew she was hearing from someone who knows me better than I know myself. I knew she, or rather Jesus, was right. My little financial investment in her time probably saved me thousands in education expenses that would have likely only added to my stress and not to my joy. Bottom line, she was dead on with this one, and no one else could have discouraged me with any other argument.

Our conversation continued and I asked her a few other questions. In each case, I felt this total stranger was tuned into a source that most of us are not conditioned to hear. Is she somehow unique in her ability? Is she a chosen one? Maybe so. I don’t think she is alone in her abilities, but I do think she has a heightened sensitivity to that which each of us has been offered, yet most are unable to access. Just like an Old Testament prophet, she has her heart and her senses tuned into a higher power. We may love and adore our higher power, but she hears the words they speak to us. In my book, that is WAY cool.

I was seeking confirmation. I have had multiple instances of confirmation in a variety of ways, but I wanted something more dramatic…more blunt. Through her, and ultimately I believe through Jesus Christ, I got my confirmation, but I also got a no. I am grateful for that no. I am almost as grateful for it as I am for the yeses.  Thanks, God, for giving me the courage to find another way to hear your voice.

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