Miraculous Abundance

It’s funny. I talk all the time about thinking positive, setting intentions, and trusting God to meet our needs. And then it happens. I hit the wall. Tuition is due. Taxes are due. Horses need this or that. Medical/dental bills are on the horizon. I begin to panic. There is a part of me that knows anything we desire is ours. Then there is the part of me that has a “never quite enough” vibration going on. What’s up with that? Who is that helping? Certainly not me.

I am reading a book called Autobiography of a Yogi. It is a free download. It is also available on Amazon in book form or on Audible in audio form. In recent years I have had a suspicion that miracles still happen and coincidence is anything but. This book has confirmed much of my suspicions in those areas. If a person can keep the focus and the vibration at the right level, abundance will flow in like a river headed for the ocean. God will meet our needs, and even our wants with abundance.

With that kind of information readily available and already a part of my belief system, why do I still panic when faced with additional requirements for money and resources? It’s time to take a deep breath, recognize how much I already have received, and realize that every bit of it was provided for me in amazing ways. Isn’t it nice that I have space left on a credit card to pay the tuition? It’s wonderful that banks have faith in my ability to earn money so that they are eagerly willing to advance me the funds to use. Isn’t it awesome that we own houses and land worth taxing? Isn’t it nice that our vehicles are no longer taxed as personal property? Isn’t it wonderful that my daughter is going to college and qualified for loan money to pay for her tuition, even if it isn’t accessible until after the deadline? Isn’t it fantastic that she has a good job which helps to pay for a large portion of her expenses?

The opportunities are set before me. That can only mean the means to act on those opportunities will likewise be made known in good time. I must feel the wealth and abundance that is my life. It is there waiting for me to acknowledge it and have faith in its power to provide.

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