A New Year A New Way to Eat

A friend of mine just ask for some advice on simple things that could be done to modify eating habits without breaking the bank. After I responded, I thought to myself, “What a great blog post to end 2009 and begin 2010.” I don’t know that all are simple, but if a person were to choose even a few, I believe the results would be very positive. Of course, the disclaimer…always check with your doctor…..then do whatever it is you are going to do.

Believe me, I feel this pain. I’m setting a few intentions quite similar to those of my friend because this year has found me abandoning healthy practices my body craves. First and foremost, we have to change our thinking. We aren’t losing 30 lbs, because we tend to seek and find that which is lost. :-) We are acquiring a new healthy body that is an ideal weight for you.

The best luck I have ever had is something called The Maker’s Diet by Jordan Rubin. It is a diet based on the Jewish eating practices. Most people read it and freak out thinking there is no way they can do it. If you try to swallow that whole elephant at once, you will choke on it very quickly. However, a few simple basics taken from it will go a long ways toward helping you reach your goals.

1. Drink pure filtered water. Even a Britta or Pur pitcher can help you with this. Coffee isn’t a deal breaker and actually has benefits, but the sugar and creamer that some use in it can kill you. Herbal teas with raw honey are a good substitute. If you are gonna drink coffee, try to go with the organic stuff, and skip the decaf. That process is often quite toxic.

2. Yeppers on the release of the soda fettish. For that matter, you will be amazed at what will happen if you remove sugar and high fructose corn syrup from your diet completely. That is probably a very tough thing to do, but oh so effective. Reading labels is quite educational. HFCS is in almost everything. WARNING: If you cut sugar cold turkey, you may feel like crap for anywhere from five days to two weeks while you detox. It will take about two weeks of total abstinence from anything resembling sugar (including fruit) to break the addiction.

3. Whatever you do, don’t resort to artificial sweeteners. They are worse for you than sugar and have been shown to increase the appetite as well as cause seizures. Don’t even think about suggesting sucralose (Splenda) as an exception. The whole purpose of The Maker’s Diet is to eat foods God created and intended, not some man made derivative.

4. Eat something raw with every meal: A salad with only olive oil and vinegar dressing for example. Berries are excellent and very low in sugar content.

5. Don’t be afraid of healthy fats: avacados, olives and olive oil, coconut milk and coconut oil, real butter….all good for you contrary to popular belief. Healthy fats (in moderation, of course) will help you feel full and satisfied thus reducing cravings. If you can eliminate the canola oil from the house and replace it with coconut oil, your entire family will be healthier.

6. Along with turning your back on sugar and HFCS, turn your back on grains of all kinds…at least for awhile. If you think about it, white bread in your gut is akin to a flour/water mixture that we like to call homemade glue. :-) Plus, breads advertised as whole grain rarely are anything more than white bread with a bit of whole wheat flour added. Beans like lentils are okay, but the other types of beans need to wait for about 6 weeks and then only in moderation.

7. Go easy on the meats. I didn’t say stop eating meat…just go easy on it. Try to find a rancher nearby that has pasture fed livestock, esp. beef. It is much higher in omega 3 fats than grain fed feedlot beef. Not as tender, but healthier.

8. Eggs—try to find someone who raises “free-range” chickens…best option. Second choice….let this be your grocery splurge and go for the omega 3 eggs or the free range. Organic is good, but over-rated in the commercial industry. Of course their definition of free-range is a chicken that has access to something other than cage wire, even if it only means a few square inches of dirt each day. Option 1 is by far the best. Eggs cooked in coconut oil, esp virgin coconut oil are VERY healthy.

9. Smoothie—Here is a great smoothie recipe from his book:
Basic recipe
1 c Coconut milk (Thai Kitchen is a good brand) or plain yogurt
1 T melted virgin coconut oil
1 T flax oil
1 raw free-range egg (ask me about raw eggs sometime)
1 T raw honey
Add to that your choice of berries, raw almond butter/unsweet cocoa pwdr, bananas (higher calories), orange juice, peaches, organic roasted coffee beans (for a mocha flavor)

10. My best advice is eat single ingredient foods as much as possible, or if you eat combination foods (like soups) make sure you can identify (and pronounce) the individual ingredients. Some soups are good, but others have so much soy this and MSG that so as to send you on a fast track to meet Jesus.

11. The bonus—-avoid a fast food (or slow food) restaurant at all costs. They are devastating on a quest for health.

12. Afterthought….corn is not a vegetable. Skip it. Green peas are okay in moderation.

Best wishes for great success in discovering and keeping your new body. As for the costs to adopt this way of eating, it makes me so sad that junk food is cheaper than healthy food, but that is too often the reality. However, with a little good planning and a spring/summer garden, you can do wonders on a budget. You may even find ways to save money. Buy organic (better yet–locally grown) when you can, esp in season. Apples during the holidays are always a good buy, even organic, and the organic apples taste SOOOOO much better and are way healthier.

I know you can do it!

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  • If you’re interested in eating more organic foods, one of the things that you may have trouble getting past is the price tag. After all, organics tend to be a lot more expensive than chemically treated products. The best solution to that, especially if you have the space, is to grow your own organic vegetable garden.

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