The Energy of Wellness

Since finishing massage therapy school, I have been pursuing more knowledge about the body. My newest field of study is called energy medicine. I think I have known for a very long time that there is more to sickness and disease than pathogens, but our part of the world doesn’t readily recognize this.

Energy medicine recognizes several energy systems in the body, each of which plays an important role in everything from keeping us alive to keeping us vibrantly healthy. Most people these days have some familiarity with the energy system known as the meridians. Yet few know much about how they work. Fewer still know anything about the other systems such as the chakras, the electrics, the radiant circuits, the celtic weave, the grid, and more. These systems are the most basic infrastructure of life.

Our world has changed so rapidly that the human body has not had time to evolve and catch up. We live in a world where stress attacks the energy systems constantly in a wide variety of forms. Of course there are the day to day stresses we are all to familiar with. Yet there are also stressors that assail us in the form of toxic chemicals, food additives, man-made electromagnetic energy, microwave radiation, vaccines, and probably a dozen more.

How do these stressors affect our bodies? In an energy body where things are functioning normally, energy follows its designated pathways in the proper direction. In a system that has been compromised in some way, energy may flow backwards or very slowly much like a river that has been polluted with garbage and toxic chemicals. The life sustaining ecosystem is jeopardized. Unless something is done to remove the polution and restore the free flow of water, the river will eventually become so toxic as to be unable to sustain life.

It is the same with our bodies. Unless we have a constant influx of fresh life giving energy into all of our systems, something is bound to suffer. It may take a very long time for illness to take hold, but eventually it will in the absence of any corrective energy work.

Massage is a great way to reduce the overall effects of stress, however, it is not likely to correct energy imbalances unless the therapist uses some specific techniques designed for that purpose. A practitioner trained in energy medicine has the knowledge and skills to provide an energy assessment and the necessary corrections to yield improvements in the body’s energy systems.

Another benefit of energy medicine is the empowering of the client towards self-therapy. Most energy medicine practitioners will give the client some type of homework to help maintain the progress made during the session. Energy is a habit, and without the supportive actions of the homework piece, it will return to its former familiar state of imbalance.

Finally, energy medicine is harmless. Hippocrates believed practitioners should “First Do No Harm”. Few other healing methods can claim such a high rate of success with no side effects.

Energy medicine can be used as a stand alone therapy or as a complementary therapy along with standard medical treatments. It is worth checking out whether as a first choice option or as a last resort when other options have failed to produce the desired results. Give it try. I think you will be quite impressed with your experience.

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