Do you ever have one of those days (weeks, months, years?) when you feel disconnected from the important stuff? Maybe your passion has to be parked while you play firefighter. Maybe you are physically exhausted and there isn’t anything left over to put towards your passion. Maybe what you think is reality has rained all over your passion parade. In any case, after riding the wave of energy and excitement for a while, you suddenly find yourself stuck at the bottom of a roller coaster with the power unplugged. It’s a crummy place to land.
Yet sometimes we need a break from the roller coaster. It gives us time to let our stomach settle, our nerves calm, and get our land legs back underneath us. How can we make the most of the disconnected times without letting it take over permanently?
For starters, recognize it for what it is. Don’t freak out about it. Just notice it, acknowledge it, and be cool with it. Second, take advantage of it. If your body and brain are begging for some neutral time, grant them their wish. Sit on the floor in a dark quiet place. If your house is pretty active, this may have to be the closet in the back bedroom. Get on a treadmill and walk mindlessly for awhile. Finally, notice what your brain is discussing. What’s the chatter that is invading your quiet space? Is it positive, supportive thoughts? Is it revealing information that will lead you back around to your passion? Or is it snarky stuff that drags you down and keeps you disconnected? If it is the latter, acknowledge the thought, then dismiss it by asking yourself, “How would it be if it were ideal?” The answer to that question becomes your new thought.
There is nothing wrong with disconnecting for a short time. Allow yourself the time and space to investigate the disconnect. Maybe it’s just a temporarily “brown-out” and everything will be back to running at peak capacity in a short time. On the other hand, maybe you’ve blown a fuse, pulled a plug on something, or fried some wiring. If that’s the case, identify the source of the problem and replace the connectors.
Remember, once the power’s back on, the chain grabs the front car and here we go again! There’s a huge drop on the other side, but it sure is fun. Enjoy the ride.

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