They say everyone has a book inside them just waiting to be transformed into the next best seller. I am convinced I have one inside of me. Or maybe there are two. Hmm…possibly three or more? I’m not sure. Neither am I sure of exactly what this book is going to be about. After all, I have 40 some odd years of experiences that are not exactly everyday normal typical life. There’s the diet and wellness aspect. There’s the natural country living aspect. There’s the “against everything” aspect, which might generate some bad kharma, so I won’t go there. There’s the “mother of many” aspect. There’s the “daughter of a small town Texas sheriff” aspect. There’s the “I’m in love with husband after all these years” aspect. Nope, there’s no shortage of material here, just a lot of uncertainty about which to choose and how to organize it. 
Then it hit me. The common theme in my life has been “Against the Grain–Almost”. I’m a bit of a rebel, but only until things get a little uncomfortable, then I’ve historically woosed out. As I said above, I don’t like the concept of being against something. Being against something is a sure way to attract it into my life. So I’ve chosen a different word. It’s a word that encompasses going against the grain without the negative connotation. It’s a word that describes a lot of the way I have chosen to act, think, teach, nourish myself, and live life. It’s a word that throws in an element of individuality that is necessary to survive in a world that seeks to make everyone conform to a standard, a set of guidelines, a list of recommendations, and a plateful of expectations.
My word is multi-faceted. It’s a bit peculiar. It’s aligns with my soul. My word is perpendicularity. Perpendicular = across the grain instead of with the grain. Peculiarity = just a bit on the strange side; different; independent.
So what do you think about it? In what ways have you noticed perpendicularity? What do you do in life that could be classified as perpendicularity?

2 Responses to “Perpendicularity”

  • Nice word. It is tough being a rebel who still wants folks to like him/her, isn’t it? By the time one gets to be an old curmudgeon, one cares a little less about pleasing everyone. As you can see, I finally found you–in the ethers.
    Grace and Peace.

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