Limiting Beliefs

Yesterday I stumbled on a blog post about limiting beliefs. I tend to think I am totally on top of this area because I have given so much time and attention to the concept of affirmations, positive thinking, visualization, and law of attraction stuff. Yet after reading the post, I realized that limiting beliefs can hide in the crevices of our lives, lurking just under the surface, and then sprout up like bind weeds to choke the life out of our garden of productivity and positive thinking. I of course had to take the opportunity to analyze my own situation yet again to see what might be holding me back.
What I found was not just one or two things, but a really biggie and several lesser contributors. The way I identified my limiting beliefs was by first asking myself, “What isn’t working for me right now?” “What is not as good as it could be?” Those are pretty easy questions to answer: finances and career.
Next question: “What are my perceptions about these two areas of my life?” Again, pretty easy to answer.  I am carrying way too much debt and it feels like I am trapped by it. I have conditioned myself to believe that debt is bad, but I have debt, so I am trapped or imprisoned. I am also “stuck” in a good-paying job and I can not see a way to escape it and move on to something new and more engaging because of obligations to support my family and pay my debts. I have often complained that my job is one in which I am held responsible for things over which I have no power. My office has been refered to as a windowless concrete cell void of life and nature.
Hmm….I am starting to see a trend here. Trapped, imprisoned, concrete cell, stuck, powerless, obligations, escape…all words that imply a very negative situation. Some of my previous blog posts have talked about my craving freedom. I apparently have a limiting belief that my life has somehow imprisoned me and that I have to fight to break free. Everything is a struggle against something that appears to stand in the way of my freedom. Heck, I even feel like I need to break free from the confines of limiting beliefs!
In order to turn things around, I am creating a new belief that says every part of my life, every experience, every debt, every encounter, every person I meet is a powerful step leading me to the next level. I am free to choose. I am free to get up and move. I am free to experience life and everything it has to offer. I am free to make an abundant living doing the things for which I have love and passion. I am free to change directions at any time.
Some lesser limiting beliefs I discovered: “There’s never quite enough of (whatever) to satisfy me so I must binge and hoard while it is available.” This one explains the living paycheck to paycheck scenario and constantly adding debt. It also explains my food fetish. This has now become, “I always have abundantly more than I choose to consume. I give away so much more than I desire to consume for myself.” This applies to money, food, time, and more.  
Another one is that I am not good enough, cool enough, smart enough, talented enough, dedicated enough, focused enough……… be accepted by the people who count….the cool and powerful people. I often think others find me dorky and annoying. Why the heck do I care what they think? Better yet, WHY do I think they find me annoying and dorky? Maybe they feel insecure around me and I misread their withdrawal as avoidance. New belief: I love myself and I am “abundantly more than enough” in all areas of my life.
What limiting beliefs are lying just below the surface in your life? What’s keeping your amazing garden choked back from being its most glorious beautiful productive self?

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