Energy Matters

When you get right down to it, everything, every experience, every personal interaction emits some type of energy. My oldest and I have begun to make a game out of reading the energy of people and situations. Don’t get all uppity and weirded out on me, because you all do it. Everyone does it. There are people you really like to be around, and there are those that leave you feeling exhausted after 15 seconds in their presence. All she and I have done is take it one step further so as to actually identify and verbalize what we are perceiving.

This past weekend, we attended a scholarship interview at the university she will be attending this fall. On the four hour drive home, I asked her about the people whose paths we crossed that day as well as others with whom we are acquainted. One of the areas in which I am most interested is why she was so instantly drawn to this university. She is and has always been very sensitive to the energy that radiates from others. She is also quick to let me know when she is loving the energy or looking for a quick exit to escape from it. After going through a list of the people we encountered, both as university personnel and as family members of scholarship applicants, it became quite apparent why she liked this place. The energy of the people who work there (professors, coaches, recruiters) is one of passion, compassion, nurturing, and excellence. That places oozes these things. As a result, they attract some really top notch kids that go on to do incredible things with their lives. Of course it certainly didn’t hurt that our tour guide for the day was a hottie with great energy and gorgeous eyes.

That leads me to my question of the day. What kind of energy do we as individuals or organizations put out? What is radiating from our heart? I know that my energy changes depending on whether I am just trying to get through whatever task requires my attention or whether I am in total love with what I am doing. Over the years, I have been involved with organizations that seemed to be hanging on by the thinnest thread. I always left those encounters feeling drained, and I am quite confident that the energy I contributed back to the organization was less than intoxicating. It was probably downright sedating if not repulsive. It is almost as if I become a magnifier of whatever energy I encounter.

Because of this realization, I have made a decision in my life. I am going to do my best to spend time doing those things and hanging around those people whose energy supports me. In turn, I will be a beacon of amazing energy that fires up people and organizations wherever I go. This will require that I scrutinize my encounters with people and places and ceremonies. Don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of good people with crummy energy who both need and deserve my love, but I don’t need to hang out with them for extended periods of time, especially if my energy stores are running on empty. Just as a person wouldn’t take their car to a gas station with an “out of gasoline” sign hanging on the pump, nor would a recovering alcoholic seek a job at a liquor store, neither should I place my precious self near a source that is generating sucking sounds from the vaccuum of nothingness. I know full well that I am too susceptible to the draining effects.

Take a moment and think about the people, places, organizations, events, and hobbies in your life. Which ones lift you to a better place, fill you with life, or put a smile on your face? How can you multiply these encounters? Which ones weigh heavy on your heart and soul, use guilt to hold on to you, or leave you feeling tired, empty, and picked apart? What are you willing to do to release them from your life? Shake off the guilt and let go. After all, if you, too, are a magnifier of the energy that surrounds you, then continuing to hang on to that which doesn’t serve you well only makes it worse for the person or organization you are attempting to serve. Set yourself free and in doing so, you will set others free as well.

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