Weirdo Ideas to Rock Your World

November 15, 2013 0 Comments

There’s a fun little game of sorts that’s going around Facebook lately. Everyone is posting a list of little known things about themselves to share with the world.

It got me to thinking about what sorts of things I would post.

And then I realized my list would probably bring about the fall of the free world plus result in several defriending me…. And I worried about the impact on my business, but then I realized that I don’t have much business these days and the clients I do  have are super cool.

Worst case scenario is they’d just start praying for me, and I’m okay with that.

So here are 25 things some may have suspected about me, but didn’t know for sure, some of which may totally rock your world.  Just let it be. I don’t need an intervention. 

1. Between the ages of 21 and 30, I had all the answers….to everything…and anyone who disagreed with me was either ignorant or just plain stupid.

2. By age 38, I had figured out that nothing was as black and white as I had thought and all of it was just an opinion of what was possible, especially the things people said were black and white, especially if it could be used to justify a point of view. 

3. Today I see only possibilities, and pretty much no certainties.

4. I choose to believe in a higher power, but it has no resemblance to the God most people teach about in these parts.

5. I had a “rode to Damascus” experience that resulted in my decision to leave the church  I had been a part of my whole life. The message delivered to me loud and clear was that it wasn’t mine to change and that I needed to leave them alone and go my own way. So I did. No regrets. No, it wasn’t an audible voice. But the migraine symptoms (flashing lights) were pretty clear, and the message I intuited from the process was crystal clear.

6. I think Jesus was probably a Yogi, or Buddhist monk….or at the very least the missing years were spent studying with the wise men from the east who probably weren’t Jewish Rabis. It’s just a hunch. 

7. I do not believe in a miraculous resurrection. I believe it completely detracts from Jesus’ entire purpose and the teachings that are most likely to be truly his based on historical evidence.

8. I believe Satan and Hell are creations of human imaginations, most likely as a means of controlling people through fear.

9. I am fascinated that otherwise completely rational scientific people who are skeptical of EVERYTHING that they can’t touch, feel, smell, or otherwise prove (or sell) are willing to suspend rational thought when religion is involved.

10. I tend to think we are energy beings wearing a costume or space suit of sorts. (And no, I am not one of Tom Cruise’s minions.) Since matter can’t be created nor destroyed, I tend to go with the possibility that our existence preceded our birth and (more popularly) will continue long after our physical death.

11. …which means I believe in the possibility of reincarnation.

12. Pretty sure I might have been burned at the stake in Salem, Massachusetts in a previous life. I might have even been Laura Ingalls or one of her sisters, too. Who knows? The possibilities are endless.

13. I think it’s POSSIBLE we choose our parents and choose our experience before we arrive. (How would you like to be THAT travel agent.)

14. The concept of fractals as the foundation of the universe as well as our bodies fascinates me. A world is relative, but the pattern is similar no matter what the size or scale. I view the human body as a universe and the cells of our body as tiny planets. 

15. What some people refer to as the holy spirit I believe to be my own intuition, inner knowing, or inter-connectedness with the universe and all of its energy beings.

16. I choose not to pray for people by asking an outside force to do something. I tend to think healing prayer/meditation should involve consciously focusing attention on the person and sending them healing energy from my own inner source. I think this can be done either in person or over any distance. 

17. I think it is POSSIBLE that many of the reported miracles attributed to Jesus in the Bible COULD have happened. Having read some about yogi’s and the power of intention, and energy transference has left me intrigued about the possibilities.

18. I think it is inappropriate to believe that any sacred text was inspired by a deity. It is especially unacceptable to believe that “our” book is “THE” deity inspired book. It is downright tragic to use such writings as the basis for making laws and justifying prejudice….unless of course you wish to use the section of the book that mentions LOVE being the one and only law that matters.

19. I once purchased the services of a person who claimed to channel Jesus Christ on my behalf. I credit her with saving me a ton of money by telling me I did not really want to go to  nursing school……because at the time, she was right, but a few years later I was ready. 

20. I can facilitate and feel positive energy shifts in people who are stressed or in pain. The cool part is when they happen to be “energy sensitive” and can feel it, too. 

21. People who are intuitive fascinate me. I have this weird fantasy that some stranger (or acquaintance) will randomly come up to me one day and tell me something they could not have known about me, or that they will provide an insight or direction I need to move along my path. 

22. I really don’t have confidence that #21 will happen because I truly believe I should be able to attain the needed insight by trusting my own intuition. 

23. I believe illness is almost entirely a result of poor nutrition and emotional baggage, and while I totally believe the body is capable of healing itself, I am glad there are some medical interventions to help it along when my brain and emotions don’t want to cooperate. 

24. I once had an atheist massage client contact me because he saw the lotus flower on my sign out front and decided maybe I was safe and nonjudgmental

25. I was once told by an energy medicine guru that my aura was blue with a touch of pinky rose. When I told her I worked around computers, she quickly shook her head and said, “Oh no, that’s not your calling at all.” She was right. Computers were not my calling, but helping people overcome challenges is. At that point, I knew for sure my computer guru days were numbered. Blue is the aura color typically seen in people who are drawn to the helping professions…teachers, nurses, counselors, etc. I didn’t tell her I was a teacher or a massage therapist until after she told me the colors. 

 This is my list as of today at this point in my life. Tomorrow, the list may be completely different. I seem to change in some way on a daily basis as I learn more, experience more, see more, and do more. 

Life is so much fun! 


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