Redirected, Day 16

July 19, 2012 2 Comments

It’s been over two weeks since I got the news I already knew.

It’s been over two weeks since I decided to be the proof of what I say I believe.

It’s been over two weeks since I consumed dairy of any kind, and my only sugar has consisted of extremely small quantities of raw honey.

It’s been no less than five trips to my cool chiropractor dude in Amarillo.

It’s been no less than 20 cucumbers, 30 tomatoes, 25 avocados, a dozen bell peppers, 10 each cantaloupe and onions, 6 heads of garlic, 3 dozen lemons, and at least four heads of broccoli.

My cutting board and I are having an affair. I see more of it than my sweet hubby nowadays.

Oh….and I’ve nurtured 4 batches of home grown sprouts…

My chickens are making wonderfully nourished eggs from all the veggie scraps.

I have learned that not everything that should be good for me is. It seems food has energy, and sometimes my own energy treats otherwise healthy foods as if they are suspicious strangers.

I muscle check every new food I put into my body. I also keep a food diary and have my chiropractor check for any sensitivities. It’s really fun when he expects me to react to something and I don’t.

It’s not nearly as much fun when I want add something and he says no…..or rather my body says no.

There is no grapefruit, cilantro, cumin, or flax on this adventure. There are also no nuts or seeds….except Brazils. For some reason my crazy self is okay with Brazils, but I can’t handle almonds, walnuts, pecans, cashews, or even sunflower or pumpkin seeds.

It’s sorta complicated.

Why in the world would I go to this much trouble? Because I want to prove that uterine fibroids are a symptom to be addressed, not a nuisance to be yanked out.

And I want to prove that a female body can be nourished back to peak health.

I am cheating a bit, however.

I went to see a naturopath today with my sonograms, blood work, and medical diagnosis in hand. She gave me wonderful things to take with promises of feeling much better soon.

She gave me a prescription for bioidentical progesterone. It seems I have none.  But then I already knew that. So did my husband and children.

She gave me Vitamin D3 drops and Vitamin B6 & B12 drops.

She gave me iodine. (Didn’t know about that one.)

She gave me cabbage in a pill. (Something about extract from cruciferous veggies.)

And she gave me thyroid stuff.

She muscle tested every one of them to determine the dosage. I think muscle testing is so cool.

She told me to stick with the diet and skip all animal protein.

She also nixed any soy. That narrows down the vegan cookbook selections.

She pulled out a little book by Louise Hay called Heal Your Body. I smiled because I already have that book.

She asked if I was familiar with tapping, also known as EFT.

Yes. Yes I am, and we’ll be tapping next time I go to see her.

The good news is this thing appears to be getting smaller.

That makes me happy. I would do a happy dance, but I don’t yet have enough red blood cells to dance without running out of breath.

I will soon, though. I will soon.

2 thoughts on “Redirected, Day 16”

  1. I am truly impressed. I envy your stick-to-itiveness. I know this will be effective for you. We’ll have to discuss the overall idea behind this next time we face-to-face.

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