Dr. Death

June 3, 2011 5 Comments

I just noticed a headline that indicated Jack Kevorkian, the infamous Dr. Death of assisted suicide notoriety, has passed into whatever lies beyond the back side of his own eyelids.

I couldn’t help but ponder a few questions, because….well….his “mission” is such a question gold mine for those of us who like to rock the boats of the comfortably confident God-pleasers.

So here goes.

Upon hearing of his death, what was your knee-jerk, first instinct reaction?

Was it …

A) I thought he died 20 years ago.

B) May he rot in hell along with those poor people who committed suicide with his machines.

C) Why do I even care?

D) That was one courageous old dude. May he rest in peace.

I confess, there was a time several years ago when I probably would have chosen B or C. Today, I’d be a D.

…Which leads me to my next question…

Why are we as a society generally accepting or at least tolerant of euthenizing animals whether gravely ill or perfectly healthy, yet we are repulsed to the point of mob mentality over the mere mention of helping a truly terminally ill human escape their prison of torture?

I’m guessing there is a God factor working on the psyches of those who have the strongest negative reaction to the idea of assisted suicide. You know….that whole twisted notion that people who commit suicide go straight to hell and that God has a purpose for extending a person’s disease ravaged, agonizing existence. We like to give God all the credit and blame for being in control of things…..

unless we don’t…

Because we all “know” that while God is completely in control of the human thing, he’s incapable of controlling the animal thing. We have animal control specialists for that. (FYI—the previous two sentences are oozing with classic Angie sarcasm.)

And that whole Bible bit about clothing the sparrow is probably not relevant to us today…..

unless it fits the sermon this Sunday.

Of course, we can carry this “God is in control of life and death” thing a bit further, if you like…..right into the abortion vs. pro-life argument.

Most pro-lifers are somewhat moderate. They seem to think that abortion should be illegal except in certain cases such as rape or mother’s life being in danger.

My question is why the exception? If we truly believe God is in control of this life and death thing, why are we willing to kill a fetus in one situation, but not in another? Maybe God wants that baby to be born and that mama to die.

OR…..maybe we say those things to avoid having to commit fully to a position that says under no circumstances should anyone other than God end a life. Except God doesn’t cause death, does he? He’s not mean like that…well…unless your name happens to be Uriah or Nadab and Abihu, or you were unfortunate enough to be a citizen of Jericho when Joshua came knocking, or didn’t get invited onto the boat with Noah when the rains came.

It must’ve sucked to be camel number 3 that day.

“God, what did I do wrong to earn a ticket to the big swimming pool instead of the floaty pass? I was trying to be nice and not push to the front of the line. If only I had known, I’d a run her over.”

Maybe, if the truth be known, we are more afraid to commit to a position that says God doesn’t “care” what the heck any of us do with life.

Don’t ask me. I’m just trying to find a little consistency in anything remotely attached to religion.

Besides, I’m still stuck trying to figure out that poor number 3 camel situation.

5 thoughts on “Dr. Death”

  1. We have got to get some UNfiltered time together. You had me ROTF withthis one. If humans are involved in it, don’t expect it to make sense much of the time. But don’t you agree that thhis is much more fun than the FUNDY world we used to live in? He, he,……………………………………sorry, I just thought about what you said heree again.

    1. Musta been the camel line that got you. And yes, this is much more fun than any previous experience I ever had.

      I’m still hoping to attend a 5 day workshop in Dallas the end of September. Maybe there will be some good opportunities for discussing philosophies then, if not before.

  2. I lean towards the idea that God cares far more about the spiritual
    side of life than the physical, where we reside. As far as the whole assisted
    suicide thing goes, I don’t know. I really doubt he got some kind
    of morbid thrill from it.

    1. Like you, I don’t think there was any morbid thrill achieved in helping people ease out of suffering. Does God care? I don’t even know what I think any more. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      1. “Does God care? I don’t even know what I think any more.”
        I hear ya, sister! Coming from a fundie background, I would always
        try to relate the God of the bible with the God I was familiar with.
        I mean the God of the bible is a pretty angry bastard isn’t he!
        Until I realized the God of the Bible isn’t the same God I know!I’ve
        been reading a few athiest blogs, and I can’t help but agree with most of what they say.
        It’s easy to argue against the fundie logic, because it’s so
        out there.

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