Some Days Others Say It Best

There are days when someone else says exactly what I’m thinking in a way that I might never be able to say it. Here is a perfect example from Truth Over Tradition: Finding God After Leaving Religion.


3 Responses to “Some Days Others Say It Best”

  • What a great post Angie. Thanks for sharing.

  • Matt H:

    Interesting! In the last several weeks i have had the opportunity to visit a couple of other churches in the area. Both of these were coc, but things were different in both places, than what i have experienced in the last 15 years. There was clapping during songs, raising of some hands, ect… and oh no noone was struck down by a bolt of lightning. I was inspired by one of the speakers, to start reading a book called, “Jim and Casper Go To Church.” Not being much of a reader, and not a whole lot of time to read, i have read the first 3 chapters only. The book is about a preacher who hires a athiest to attend several differnt types of churches and tell him what he likes and dislikes. Something that stood out to me was one church that they went to after attending they went to a coffee shop to discuss things. Casper, the athiest asked Jim the preacher, “is this really what Jesus told you guys to do?” That has caused some thinking and looking on my part. Not done with that yet, but made me think. After talking for a while at the coffee shop, Casper asked Jim another quesiton, “Jim, why cant what we are doing right here, be church?”
    That agian made me think, is what we do on Sunday morning church? Really church should be what we do during the week outside of a building. Loving others, helping others the things that Jesus told the church to actually do. Not just sit in a pew on Sunday morning, (sitting straight up and not move more than an inch either way) sing, (dont get too excited about that either) pray, give your check and go home, then do it all over again next week. Don’t get me wrong I still think there is a need for worship, for me anyway, but some “churches” have got thier heads stuck in the sand and cant seem to get out of the building and do what Jesus told us to do. Anyway I am stuggling with all of this right now, dont know that i am actually questioning my faith, but questioning what I do on Sunday morning is really what Jesus is telling me to do. By the way, at one of these coc, in a bible class the preacher said, “It drives me crazy when I hear other preahers and teachers at coc say that we are the only ones going to heaven, I do not belive this and anyone who says somehing like that is judging others and this is something that Jesus told us NOT to do.”
    This may not make sense at all, but just felt like sharing some of the thoughts that i have had in recent months. It was really refreshing to go to another coc, and see that there are some that are not wraped up in rules, and actually want to get out of the buildings and tell others about Jesus.
    Matt H.
    Again excuse all the mispelled words, and stuff.!!!

    • Matt, I am so glad you feel “safe” enough here to comment. Things are changing inside you—awakening, if you will. It’s a beautiful, scary, powerful, contradictory, conflicting, enlightening experience when your faith TRULY becomes your own. I am enjoying watching yours unfold through your comments on my blog. Keep searching. Keep educating yourself. Keep reading. Give yourself time, patience, and the space to continue to grow and change. The greatest danger to “the church” as many of us have known it is people who truly care enough to educate themselves beyond what they’ve always been taught and accepted as truth….to investigate books and speakers and historians outside “the church”.

      I love your story about the atheist who was sent out to “investigate”, and I appreciate the book recommendation.

      And if there is one thing that has happened for me through this entire almost five year process, it is that my faith has actually grown stronger. It has changed drastically, but I truly believe it is stronger now than ever before. My cynicism in man made ritual has grown exponentially as well, yet I’m not convinced that is a bad thing.

      If you haven’t had a chance yet, take a look at Tea Party Jesus at It’s a real perspective shifter.

      As always, thanks for taking time to read about my ever-changing journey.

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