Tea Party Jesus

This has captivated my attention for the moment. It makes a point that cuts to a person’s soul.


How would I change or improve it? I would add my own collection of church doctrines and “Christian” comments to it. I wonder how people would feel about their belief codes if the image of Jesus was superimposed with many of the ideas that have run amuck in our churches today?

What are some examples that come to mind of religious ideas that might not look appropriate coming out of the mouth of Jesus?

1. We can’t do that. It’s never been done that way before. (That’s a gentle one to get us started.)

What else can you think of?

3 Responses to “Tea Party Jesus”

  • Isn’t it horrifying? When I first came upon the website, I was so aghast, I sat there for a minute, thinking, “Could it really be THIS bad?”

    • Interestingly no one has commented on this post except you. I find that quite revealing. It seems this makes many of us VERY uncomfortable. If we ignore it, maybe it will go away, because (warning—intense sarcasm to follow) our precious conservative right wing leaders couldn’t possible be this anti-Jesus.

      • I think you’re right. I think it’s all that more revealing when you make it visual like that. It’s HARD to ignore, in my opinion. It’s been making me watch every word I say, thinking of it in terms of Jesus saying it. A good lesson that cannot be forgotten!

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