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Composting Life's Crap

Seems like the past week has been full of drama, hurt feelings, emotional upheaval, hypersensitivity, and at least a dozen other piles of crap which I have found myself stepping in, shoveling, or personally dropping in some way. I feel I am giving way too much brain energy toward cleaning up messes and not enough toward appreciating crap for its composting qualities. After all, mountains of crap make for really awesome gardens when properly composted.
So before I waste another moment of my precious energy stores managing the feedlot waste that is part of day to day life in the middle class, let me do some composting. In other words, here are the gifts I am choosing to find in the piles that have accumulated recently.
I am grateful for people who look inward when criticism comes rather than automatically looking for someone to blame. There are some people who consistently examine themselves and their own situation to see if just maybe some area of their lives needs a little housecleaning. They aren’t martyrs, and if something isn’t their issue, they lay aside the criticism and move on. Yet they do at least take stock of the situation and refuse to assign blame elsewhere. They ooze respect for others and are sensitive to the feelings of others. Very cool people.
I am grateful for opportunities to see true colors in others before I get myself in a mess too deep to crawl out of. Bite me on the butt once? Possibly my fault for provoking an attack. Bite me on the butt twice or even three times? I have the right to surround you and yours with a virtual restraining wall that will prevent me from putting myself out there for you ever again without having on my fireproof gear. I will love you from a distance, but I probably won’t put myself on the line for you and yours. Very valuable gift.
I am grateful that I am an idealist who sees possibilities rather than obstacles most of the time. I say most of the time because I must refer back to the occasional walls that have been built to protect and defend. Idealism can be painful at times, because those who cross my path who are either psychotically pragmatic or obsessively pessimistic tend to hail on my idealistic view of the world. Still, I like the innocense and innovativeness that comes from being an idealist.
I am grateful for kids and family who choose to see the world as a positive place full of opportunity rather than a dangerous place where people are out to get them. Fear and paranoia are a prison that severely limits a person’s opportunities. The ability to turn “getting picked on” into “good publicity” takes superhuman strength and a tremendous amount of endurance and stamina. Y’all are my role models and heroes.
I am grateful for people outside of my family who care about my kids. They are there for us in so many ways. They give my kids rides, encourage them, chastise them when necessary, feed them on occasion, have fun with them, but mostly they are a positive adult influence who will talk straight to my kids and to whom my kids will listen. I am grateful that I recognize their value to me and my family. You are 100% awesome.
There. It still looks and smells a bit like poo, but at least now it can begin the process of turning into something useful. The smell will fade, the burning hot reaction will begin to cool, and fertile soil will be left to produce beauty and nourishment. You’ve just gotta love composting.


I woke up this morning thinking about gratitude. I hear it can really get things rolling in our lives, plus I need a big dose of it, so I decided it would be a great blog topic for my Saturday morning.
I am grateful for snow, even the fine sandy 40 MPH blowing kind. Even it contains moisture, and even it managed to get us out of school 4 hours early. It gave me an entire afternoon and evening with my daughters, which was a ton of fun. It resulted in my husband building a cedar fencepost fire in my wood stove. Nice.
I am grateful for a steady paycheck. There are lots of things I can say about my job both positive and negative, however, I get paid a pretty crazy amount of money to do what I do. Am I worth it? You better believe it. Do I always feel worthy of it? Probably not so much. Would I like to do something different for that amount of money? Definitely. However, it is cool that there are people who feel like I add value to an organization worthy of a good measure of compensation. Besides, I really do have quite a bit of freedom in my job.
I am grateful for family. I have the most wonderful man on the planet, and four absolutely gorgeous and insanely talented daughters. These women are about to take the universe by storm, and they will do it with their daddy wrapped securely around their little fingers. I am grateful for parents, brother, and in-laws who love and support me and my family in all we do. Family is just cool.
I am grateful for a body that is healthy and strong and able to think, build, dig, create, and design.
I am grateful for my small community. It provides a lot of freedom that I haven’t always seen. Heck, where else could I have nine acres with
two horses and 60 chickens inside the city limits and not be bothered by anyone about it? Most people are just grateful the the place is being mowed and cared for. They also like that I share my amazing pastured poultry fresh eggs.
I am grateful for grass, trees, flowers, vegetables, and animals plus the land that supports them. They feed my soul. They also remind me of how amazing our world is in its ability to renew and regenerate year after year. 
I am grateful for cars and gasoline because they provide a means for me to travel to other places to experience rest and view other types of beauty.
I am grateful for (some) stress because it lets me know I am alive and journeying through life.
Finally, I am grateful for a universal provider who has allowed me to be here experiencing all that life has to offer. I am grateful for his promises to grant my desires and his willingness to forgive me when I act in ungrateful ways.
Life is good. What things trigger your sense of gratefulness?

Limiting Beliefs

Yesterday I stumbled on a blog post about limiting beliefs. I tend to think I am totally on top of this area because I have given so much time and attention to the concept of affirmations, positive thinking, visualization, and law of attraction stuff. Yet after reading the post, I realized that limiting beliefs can hide in the crevices of our lives, lurking just under the surface, and then sprout up like bind weeds to choke the life out of our garden of productivity and positive thinking. I of course had to take the opportunity to analyze my own situation yet again to see what might be holding me back.
What I found was not just one or two things, but a really biggie and several lesser contributors. The way I identified my limiting beliefs was by first asking myself, “What isn’t working for me right now?” “What is not as good as it could be?” Those are pretty easy questions to answer: finances and career.
Next question: “What are my perceptions about these two areas of my life?” Again, pretty easy to answer.  I am carrying way too much debt and it feels like I am trapped by it. I have conditioned myself to believe that debt is bad, but I have debt, so I am trapped or imprisoned. I am also “stuck” in a good-paying job and I can not see a way to escape it and move on to something new and more engaging because of obligations to support my family and pay my debts. I have often complained that my job is one in which I am held responsible for things over which I have no power. My office has been refered to as a windowless concrete cell void of life and nature.
Hmm….I am starting to see a trend here. Trapped, imprisoned, concrete cell, stuck, powerless, obligations, escape…all words that imply a very negative situation. Some of my previous blog posts have talked about my craving freedom. I apparently have a limiting belief that my life has somehow imprisoned me and that I have to fight to break free. Everything is a struggle against something that appears to stand in the way of my freedom. Heck, I even feel like I need to break free from the confines of limiting beliefs!
In order to turn things around, I am creating a new belief that says every part of my life, every experience, every debt, every encounter, every person I meet is a powerful step leading me to the next level. I am free to choose. I am free to get up and move. I am free to experience life and everything it has to offer. I am free to make an abundant living doing the things for which I have love and passion. I am free to change directions at any time.
Some lesser limiting beliefs I discovered: “There’s never quite enough of (whatever) to satisfy me so I must binge and hoard while it is available.” This one explains the living paycheck to paycheck scenario and constantly adding debt. It also explains my food fetish. This has now become, “I always have abundantly more than I choose to consume. I give away so much more than I desire to consume for myself.” This applies to money, food, time, and more.  
Another one is that I am not good enough, cool enough, smart enough, talented enough, dedicated enough, focused enough……… be accepted by the people who count….the cool and powerful people. I often think others find me dorky and annoying. Why the heck do I care what they think? Better yet, WHY do I think they find me annoying and dorky? Maybe they feel insecure around me and I misread their withdrawal as avoidance. New belief: I love myself and I am “abundantly more than enough” in all areas of my life.
What limiting beliefs are lying just below the surface in your life? What’s keeping your amazing garden choked back from being its most glorious beautiful productive self?

Retreated and Renewed

I am BAAAAAACCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!! Hello again blogging world.

I am not exactly sure what I expected to get from the spiritual renewal retreat in Jemez Springs. Sometimes I think I expect miracles to happen when what I should expect is a nice easy time of things. Then again, maybe my miracles happen in little ways instead of in big production ways.

Jemez Springs is a neat little town. I had heard about it often from our friends who have a cabin there. HOWEVER, the Canon del Rio was the coolest place I have ever stayed. The arched adobe courtyard entrance greeted us as we drove up. Walking through the front door revealed a huge lodge-type great room with a wall of windows facing the mountain to the west. On the left was a breakfast bar. Moving around the room, I noticed a nice kitchen area, a door marked private which I later found out was an efficiency apartment, and the traditional southwest fireplace.

On the other side of the entrance was the entertainment center complete with a big screen TV and a sofa, chair, and loveseat. The decor around the room was very Southwest Native American. The floor was covered in a stone tile that added to the southwest flair.

Flanking each side of the great room were hallways leading to the bedrooms. Six rooms, three extending from each side of the great room, were each decorated similarly. We were shown to ours with its king-sized bed for Daddy Long Legs. Our room had a sliding glass door leading out to the back courtyard, which was beautifully adorned with pole benches, small trees, and a gorgeous fishpond/fountain. Another archway led visitors beyond the B&B grounds down toward the Jemez River.

Even with the remants of winter still holding natures beauty at bay, we were overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the things our eyes had seen. Trees and mountains have a way of providing a sense of seclusion, even when one is not alone. I think seclusion was my miracle for the weekend.

If you ever get a chance to visit Canon del Rio in Jemez Springs, NM, I feel quite confident that you will find it every bit as charming as I did. When you go, be sure to tell Dagna (pronounced like lasagna) that I sent you. She is an incredible breakfast cook. You won’t be disappointed.

As for the various energy modalities used during the retreat activities, I found that I was familiar with most of them from my various BrainGym experiences and my limited yoga and Touch for Health experiences. They were good for me and for my hunky baby because it reminded our bodies of ways we can move with a little bit of warm up and preparation. We haven’t lost that flexibility yet, but we sure need to get with the program and keep moving. And yes, he survived a room full of women being sorely outnumbered about 14 women to two men.

We set an intention for the retreat. Mine was something about having clarity and confidence in my career options. That became the focus of the various meditative moments I had. I suppose I have come away from the retreat with some clarity in that area. I think I am still processing a bit, which we were told would likely take a few days longer to fully do it’s thing.

One thing is fairly solid at this point. I have realized my strong desire to reconnect with nature. While I love promoting health and wellness, I also realize I probably won’t be happy if I go from teaching and working with technology in a windowless concrete room to teaching and working with health and wellness in a windowless concrete room. I need sunshine, raindrops, singing birds, pecking chickens, green plants, and some slimy earthworms throughout my day no matter what I do. That’s an important piece of career information. If I choose to pursue massage as a full time career, I will have to figure out how to do it in a way that allows me to gaze out on nature. It’s not going to work for me to be shut up in a windowless private massage room for hours on end. I guess you would call that some serious clarity, therefore this was a successful retreat for that reason alone.

Finally, this post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the two amazing people who were our tireless hosts. Debi and Randy are absolutely some of the most gracious people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. They shared their evenings in Jemez Springs with us, then allowed us to extend our stay another night in their beautiful suburban hacienda. While there is much to appreciate about these two people, I think what I like most is the fact that they are truly genuine.

Randy is a man’s man. He’s a Vietnam vet chopper pilot who loves hunting, fishing, and his dog. He is not afraid to tell you what he thinks, even if it is a bit on the politically incorrect side. He is real, and that’s a great thing to be.

Debi is his counterbalance. She is soft and compassionate to everyone, and would give them her last spinach salad (which I could eat for every meal). Even so, she has a line and stands her ground when necessary. She is a woman worthy of respect, and a beautiful woman at that.

Yes, it was a great escape…my man, God’s awesomeness, powerful intention, incredible food, loving people, and none of my own children. :-)  When can we go back?





Yesterday I sent a very spiritually-minded friend an email asking her thoughts on my desire for change. As expected, she had some really cool words of wisdom. She told me to “…just let go.” I had to ask her what exactly it was that I needed to let go. She suggested that letting God know (and myself) that if in fact I need to remain in the current situation for a while longer, I am okay with doing so. In other words, let go of pushing for the change to happen by a deadline.
Here are her words:
“I have learned that I have to be willing to let it ALL go before I know for sure what God really wants for me. In other words, tell Him that you are willing to keep doing what you are doing if that is His Will for you. Sometimes that is when the windows and doors come open for other avenues. You have to choose to want His Will for your life – no matter what that might mean. That is when the peace will come for you. It isn’t easy. And it isn’t just saying ok whatever you want. It is a complete letting go of what your desires may be so that you can SEE what He has for you. He is showing you lots of stuff and I really think that He is giving you the desires of your heart – as promised. But it is His timing that we don’t know.”
By making all possibilities acceptable, even the one from which I am attempting to escape, I open the door for shift to begin to occur. I don’t even begin to understand how it all works, but I do know that being against something is a sure fire way to attract into my life plenty of what I am against. Mother Teresa was supposedly noted for stating that she would NOT attend an anti-war demonstration, but that she would welcome the opportunity to be present for a peace rally. Wow! That’s pretty powerful.
I also asked my friend to think of a creature…anything that came to mind. She said, Always a butterfly – ever changing from one thing to the next more pretty one.”
So I looked up butterfly in my handy dandy Animal Spirit Guides book. It says, “Lighten up and stop taking everything so seriously. Get ready for a big change, one where an old habit, way of thinking, or lifestyle is going out, and a new way of being is emerging. It’s time to make the changes you’ve been considering. In spite of  the challenges, you’ll get through this transition, and as always, know that ‘this too shall pass.’ Express yourself by wearing more colorful clothing.” 
Then it says, “Call on the butterfly when:
  • You know it’s time for a change, and you need the courage to break out of your self-imposed cocoon;
  • You’re going through a major life transition such as divorce or career change;
  • You want encouragement to more freely express the love you feel to those around you;
  • You want to put more romance into the relationship with your spouse or intimate partner;
  • You want help to relax more and go with the flow of the cycles in your work or your relationship.”
I think the butterfly represents an aspect of God’s nature–the part that embraces change and shows us how to cope with it. That cocoon is a pretty tight and vulnerable place in the lifecycle of this beautiful creature. Yet he cares for and nourishes the caterpillar in this tightest and most vulnerable phase of life, and then allows the creature to emerge beautiful and free.
Okay God. I agree to allow the best and highest good for me to  be my reality, even if it doesn’t appear to be what I want. This cocoon is getting a bit aggravating, though, so as soon as you see fit, I’d like to start the squeezing out process. Fresh air, sunshine, and wind beneath my wings are pretty high up there on my list of desires, and you DID say, “Ask and you shall receive.”  Thanks for taking care of me through the tight and vulnerable times.
Here’s to an abundance of sweet nectar and a really gorgeous set of wings.

Happy Endings

I admit it. I am a little slow when it comes to sitting down to watch a movie. I might eventually get around to seeing one after it has been out for a couple of years. Another important detail about me is I don’t waste my time watching something that is just going to make me cry. Life has enough emotion in every day living to satisfy me. I don’t need any artificial contributing factors.

With that said, I recently sat down with my girls to watch The Notebook. They had watched it twice a week for about a month and kept coming back for more. I hadn’t even paid attention to what was on other than it was ABC Family channel, so I figured it couldn’t be totally horrible. Oh, and if you haven’t seen The Notebook, you’d better stop here and go watch it, otherwise this post will really ruin things for you.

This particular evening, I caught myself glimpsing at the TV as I worked on a puzzle with my husband. I noticed a really hot looking guy desperately trying to get the attention of a girl, and I noticed a very aged James Garner, an acting icon from my past. We used to watch the Rockford Files religiously when I was a kid, and I have always liked his energy. The next thing I knew, I was glued to the chair staring at the TV complaining about how there were way too many commercials. We have a DVR, but we were watching it live for the 27th time.

To avoid dragging this out too much, I loved the story. The young guy was absolutely HOT, and his passion and dedication to a girl he loved was a most beautiful thing. Heck, their passion for each other was downright intoxicating. He has a dream or vision, includes her in on the dream, never lets his dream die even when it appears all hope is lost. In the end he gets his girl, she gets her man, and they live happily ever after.

As the story progressed, I realized what was going on. This old couple was together in a retirement home. He chose to be there, not because he needed to be, but because he was taking care of his sweetheart, staying by her side, even though she rarely even remembered who he was. Alzheimer’s had ravaged her memories, yet she had written their love story in a notebook so he could read it to her and remind her of their love. Doing so gave him a 30 second window in which she once again recognized and loved him with all her heart.

My daughters argue with me about the ending. They think I am nuts because I say I won’t watch a sad movie, yet I tell everyone they should see The Notebook. They insist it is a sad movie. I insist endings don’t get any happier than this one. What is your opinion?

James Garner’s character suffers a heart attack, yet he survives. His wife continues to get worse remembering him less and less with each passing day. Near the end, he sneaks to her room to check on her one evening. In a moment of lucidity, she recognizes him and asks him if their love can truly take them anywhere and do anything. He tells her that in fact it can.

This old couple who have lived a wonderfully full life devoted to each other fall asleep in one another’s arms never to awaken again in this dimension. Yes, it brings a tear, but those are tears of triumph, not sadness. Those are tears of recognition that my hunk and I are on a journey that has a passion as intense as theirs. Just maybe we will be so lucky as to cross over together at the end of a long and most fulfilled life.

Just thinking about it makes me want to go kidnap my man and…uh…make some memories.   :-)

In my book, THAT is the ultimate fairytail ending.

The Important Stuff

When my husband and I were dating and first married, I was relatively neat. I would go to his house and wash up any dishes he had, pick up what might need to be picked up, and I had kept my room at college fairly clean. He had an image of me that apparently left him thinking I was a fairly neat and tidy person.

Enter children. Apparently somewhere along the way, his view of my neatness changed. Soon after we were married, our oldest daughter made her debut. Even as young as I was (22 when she arrived), I was determined that certain things were non-negotiable. She was to be breastfed. Period. End of discussion. And I was going to give her all the time and attention that required, even if NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING else got done. And so it didn’t.

I started back to school working on my masters, then came the job. Two more priorities that trumped neatness. Over a ten year period, we acquired three more little people to contribute to dirty dishes, dirty laundry, bathtub splatters, clutter, and general grunge. I wasn’t staying on top of things like I did when I was 20 and it was only me.

My sweet husband did make a point to casually mention this at one time. It didn’t help the guilt I already felt over what I knew to be true. He wasn’t critical, just observant.

Somewhere during this whole process of acquiring more anti-neatness generating organisms, he and I took a marriage course called His Needs, Her Needs. It lists a guy’s most important needs in a relationship and a woman’s most important needs in a relationship. I thought surely this was going to be my cross. I was about to get nailed on that domestic support thing that is so important to guys.

And then it happened. In the middle of my almost teary meltdown about how I was unworthy of such a great guy and that my domestic support skills sucked beyond comprehension, he very sweetly told me that he was quite capable of washing dishes and clothes and pushing a vaccuum around the house when things got too deep for his liking. What he needed of me was a personal assistant…a secretary of sorts. He needed the bill-paying, reservation-making, trip-planning, event manager.

Really? Truly? Hey, I can do that. I was doing that. Are you serious? You mean it’s okay that I’m not Martha Stewart? Yes, it was okay. Besides, Martha Stewart would probably bitch at him about putting his sweaty tea glass on the coffee table without a coaster (like I do now when he does it to my grandma’s antique furniture that has been bestowed on me for safe keeping). I wasn’t usually worried about such trivialities and he could when necessary simply sand the table top and revarnish it. No sweat. (Pun intended!)

Let me tell you, that was a most freeing moment. It opened the door for me to be okay with a lived-in house as long as the important things were getting attention: Things like

  • hanging out with him in the back yard,
  • working on our personal construction projects together,
  • watching the kids’ ballgames,
  • sitting in front of the TV as a family with a long-legged, monkey-armed kid draped over me and the chair (okay, not high on the important list, but sometimes you take family moments where you can get them)
  • sitting on the back porch snuggled up next to him while he smokes a cigarette (wish he didn’t have that habit, but I’m still gonna hang out with him anyway)
  • cooking supper together (sometimes requires an emergency cleaning job to get to the stove)
  • cooking smores in the fireplace
  • talking one on one with one of the girls
  • hanging out at the farm walking hand in hand discussing our dreams
  • taking a daughter on a roadtrip to check out colleges
  • hauling girls to and hanging out at a volleball practice
  • allowing myself some private relaxation time just hanging out with the chickens

All pretty cool stuff. WAY cooler than keeping my house clean. Besides, now that our kids are getting older, I have housekeepers along with house destroyers. The mommy and daddy bank remains closed until chores are done. A new pair of spikes and a prom dress really help get things back into shape at our place.  Not sure I am saving any money this way, but at least I am not paying out double.

Thinking this through has really helped me to get over the guilt of not being Susie Homemaker. I choose instead to focus on what is truly important. My husband and beautiful girls are temporary. Memories, cobwebs, and dust are eternal.

What is important to you? How do you balance what is truly important with what society’s messages tell you is important?

Must Read

Take the time to check out It is an awesome post that aligns with the overall theme of this site.

Bi-Polar Gratitude Disorder

Gratitude is a hot topic these days. If I want good things to come to me, then I must practice an attitude of gratitude with deliberate intent. I am all about this topic, because I have plenty about which to be grateful, and I certainly want more good things to flow my way.

However, it is so much easier for me to find things to gripe about than to overflow with gratitude.  This presents quite a dilema, and I have developed a few strategies to cope with this disorder.

In my most unscientific opinionated research (that means this sentence should have started with “I think…”), there are several factors that play into this battle of the will. The first one is the constant negative bombardment from our surroundings: newsmedia, co-workers, the billboard selling vasectomy reversals, disgruntled parents, even well-meaning friends and family who think they have my best interest at heart. You know exactly what I am talking about. It’s like a hot tub of negativity, so easy to just sit there and soak in it, absorbing its negativity molecule by molecule as our pores enlarge in the rising heat to let in bigger and bigger chunks. <SHUDDER>

Then there is the genetic factor. There simply has to be a genetic component, again, because……I say there is. It’s an inborn trait that is passed from a parent or a grandparent and lands….well….apparently in my jeans…er uh…genes. I know my family history, and even though that source of family negativity passed from physical life so long ago I barely remember, I know it was there. Since my growing up years were fairly positive, I am convinced my natural tendancy toward negativity must have been hard-coded.

Now comes the tough fun part. (See? I remain a work in progress.) I have to figure out daily, hourly, and even moment by moment who will win. Will it be gratefulness carrying the torch today? Will negativity stand triumphant as I rip some poor soul  for their stupidity and ignorance? Will the “Doing what I love will lead me down a path to success” mantra lead me through my day, or will the “How could you possibly be thinking about quitting your job in this economy” mantra guide my decisions? It’s a very bizarre form of being bi-polar, if you ask me. (My apologies to those who deal with the real form of this disorder, yet it makes for a good analogy.)

When a person struggles with managing a disease or disorder, they learn what their triggers are, they take appropriate meds when necessary, and they nourish their body with those things that support health and wellness. Bi-polar Gratitude Disorder is no different.  

I know what my triggers for negativity are. They are the very things I described above including watching or listening to news and politics (geez that stuff is depressing), hanging around people who ooze anger, hostility, and resentment that just seems to smear all over me and suck me in like quicksand, and family who are hyperfocused on that first item (what the media is saying about our economy) and insist on making sure I don’t do something they think is stupid and irresponsible. Just like an allergy, I do my best to stay far away from these. When I do have an unavoidable encounter, I have to reach for the “meds”.

I make a daily conscious effort to “take my medicine” both on schedule and in emergency rescue situations. I read daily affirmations that appear on my web browser’s homepage or pop up in Twitter (see this website  for a dose of good thought). I am not one to glue and tape pieces of paper on the bathroom mirror, but I totally enjoy the random digital messages that appear for me on screen. They are as if God picks out just the right dosage for me at the exact moment I am gasping for positive air and need my rescue affirmation.

Finally, there is the health and wellness component. It is simply easier to be positive and grateful when my body feels amazing. That’s not always an easy task at 40 as a full time working (outside of the home)mom going to massage school and having four incredibly involved kids and an awesome husband . Fortunately, my first method of treatment makes this third method of treatment much easier. Since I don’t spend much time participating in negative media, that leaves much more time for taking walks, feeding my chickens, working on my farm, soaking up sunshine, listening to inspirational works, preparing healthy foods, and of course therapeutic writing.

Thank goodness bi-polar gratitude disorder isn’t fatal. I’m not convinced it is curable, but it is manageable.

How do you control bi-polar gratitude disorder flareups?


I stumbled on a blog post that had tons of responses. Within one of the responses was this thought: “A Lighthouse will never be found in a safe place. Believe that you are able to share and know that what you have, somebody needs.” The post was left by Craig Fourie of Cape Town, South Africa, at
I LOVE this thought. I really needed to have this whispered (or maybe shouted) to my spirit this morning. Many of us are lighthouses. We have knowledge and energy and passion for and about things that the world desperately needs to know. Deep inside of us we believe our knowledge is of value, however we also believe the lies that no one will listen or that someone else is much smarter about it than we are. And so, we keep our lighthouse locked up and the light turned off.
Who knows? There is likely a “ship” coming into your harbor who needs your light’s guidance to dock safely. Yes, it is true that there may be a brighter lighthouse in another harbor, but the ship is approaching your harbor.
Will you shine or will you watch the ship hit the rocks?
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