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I stumbled on a blog post that had tons of responses. Within one of the responses was this thought: “A Lighthouse will never be found in a safe place. Believe that you are able to share and know that what you have, somebody needs.” The post was left by Craig Fourie of Cape Town, South Africa, at
I LOVE this thought. I really needed to have this whispered (or maybe shouted) to my spirit this morning. Many of us are lighthouses. We have knowledge and energy and passion for and about things that the world desperately needs to know. Deep inside of us we believe our knowledge is of value, however we also believe the lies that no one will listen or that someone else is much smarter about it than we are. And so, we keep our lighthouse locked up and the light turned off.
Who knows? There is likely a “ship” coming into your harbor who needs your light’s guidance to dock safely. Yes, it is true that there may be a brighter lighthouse in another harbor, but the ship is approaching your harbor.
Will you shine or will you watch the ship hit the rocks?

Superior Goals

Goal setting is a funny thing. It seems like everyone has an idea of how you should do it. People who write grants and coordinate long range planning know that there are goals, objectives, strategies, and activities. The goal is “The Big Guy”. Everything else breaks it down into steps until you get to the “whatcha gonna do about it” activities.

BrainGym takes that process of creating goals and makes them very simple.

  1. Identify something in your life that you wish were better, easier, simpler, more relaxed, etc. Ex. I wish I could make this decision without agonizing over it.
  2. Answer this question in a complete sentence: “If it were ideal, how would it be?” Use “I” statements, and keep that naughty little word “NOT” out of your answer. To continue with the example above, “I easily decide which way to go.” This is “The Big Guy” mentioned above.
  3. Notice where in your body you experience the stress of brain-body disagreement. Even though your brain thinks it, your mouth says it, and your hand writes it, your body is tightening up as if to get ready for a sucker punch in the gut. That’s the stress that we feel when what we want is different from our perceived reality.
  4. Calm the stress response with a few BrainGym movements, maybe some nice soothing music, and notice the stress response settling down. (This would be the “whatcha gonna do about it” activities.)
  5. Restate your goal–the “if it were ideal, how would it be” statement.
  6. Notice how you feel now. Most likely, you will feel more at ease.

Easy breezy. In a classroom setting, it can be even simpler. Notice the chaos, lead the kids in some BrainGym activities, then notice the improvement.

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you. What? You don’t know the BrainGym movements? Seems like you have a couple of options. Check out my Powerful Reads  page and get a book, or better yet, spend a few days with us in March and get some first hand, real-life experience with these Superior methods.

BrainGym, Take Me Away!

If you have been around a few years, you will most likely remember the Calgon commercials. Those were the ones where the poor lady is dealing with cooking dinner, kids and dogs running through the house, lamps being knocked over, doorbell ringing, and more until she can’t take another moment. She cries out at the top of her lungs, “Calgon, take me away!” The next scene is her soaking peacefully in a tub full of bubbles surrounded by candles and the fluffiest towels on the planet.

I don’t know if Calgon is still around, but even if it is, I’m not convinced it can whisk me away from all of that fun and excitement. Around my house, even a tub full of bubbles doesn’t keep the kids, dogs, and doorbell at bay.  When things get that crazy, I have to reach for the heavy artillery. No, I’m not talking about a Captain or a guy named Jose. I’m taking about the really big guns….Water, Brain Buttons, Cross Crawls, and Hook-ups. In BrainGym, we call those four powerhouse tools PACE. They are the booster cables for kicking things into gear, or in my case, into a more favorable response.

BrainGym doesn’t change the doorbell, the kids, the dog, or the noise. What BrainGym does change is my response to those things. I never cease to be amazed at how my tolerance level increases when I use the BrainGym movements. Oh, don’t get me wrong. The kids certainly don’t get away with any more when I use BrainGym. Instead, I have a much clearer head for strategizing the best possible way of dealing with inappropriate behaviors. My energy is more in control and dominant. Even the dog doesn’t question the command to sit when the Powerful Mom energy is flowing.

Give it a test drive and see if you have a similar experience. If you aren’t sure how to perform the BrainGym movements, check out my Powerful Reads section or take a BrainGym workshop. It will be an investment that will pay daily dividends for years to come.

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