Infrared Sauna

From the Sunlighten Sauna’s website:

What Is It?

Infrared light is part of the Sun’s invisible spectrum of light that has the ability to penetrate the human tissue. Infrared heat therapy uses these far infrared light characteristics to heat the body directly rather than just the air.

The experience of a far infrared sauna is similar to sunbathing, which gives you the radiant heat that is all your own. The far infrared heat penetrates your skin, giving you that wonderful natural warmth. Unlike sunbathing, Infrared heat therapy is completely healthy and safe. You can relax in a far infrared sauna and it will never cause your skin to burn.

What Does It Do?

Far infrared saunas increase the body’s core temperature thus resulting in a much deeper, more detoxifying sweat from the cellular level of the skin where many toxins are housed. Conventional hot rock/steam heat saunas heat the air with steam, which can often be unbearably hot and will cause you to only sweat at the surface of the tissue. Steam also makes the air difficult to breath.
A far infrared sauna uses soothing dry far infrared heat that is well ventilated and extremely comfortable and relaxing. Far infrared heat therapy has also been proven to assist with weight loss, pain relief, improved circulation and skin rejuvenation.

Take a look at the Infrared Sauna brochures for more information.

What’s Available at SPWC?

SPWC has a Sunlighten Infrared Sauna perfectly sized for one person yet capable of accommodating two average-sized adults. You will enjoy the privacy and serenity of the SPWC sauna room with its earthy shades of brown and natural wood. Thirty minute sessions are recommended, and while there are some people who should check with a physician before use, most people can immediately begin enjoying the benefits of far-infrared therapy. Sauna sessions are available for purchase in a variety of packages and are included in the SPWC membership options.

Far Infrared Sauna Packages

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