Superior Performance Wellness Center is located in Tulia, Texas at 330 North Fannin Street just east of the football stadium at the intersection of Fannin and Hornet Place/NE 4th St. The “almost country” location provides a relaxing atmostphere that speaks of healing and restoration from the moment you set foot on site. Our┬árennovation of a classic two bedroom cottage continues and clients will have the opportunity to watch the restorative healing experience of Superior Performance Wellness Center while experiencing their own physical transformation toward wellness.

Map of Tulia showing location of Superior Performance Wellness Center

Massage Therapy
You may schedule an appointment online using the button above, or call/text 806 627 7067 or email me at acox79088 at gmail dot com to schedule.

Click Here to download and print the intake form for your massage therapy session.

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Gift Certificates
I will no longer be offering gift certificates due to closing my business. If you currently hold a valid gift certificate please contact me to arrange to receive your massage as soon as possible.
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