My Journey Out of Religion

Born Again: A Journey from Daughter of the Kingdom to Sacred Feminine Goddess

This is the story of my journey from a right-wing ultra conservative legalistic Christian into the discovery of who God really is and the divine feminine power that lives inside of me.

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Part 1 — Chastized

Part 2 — The Book of Non-Existent Doctrine

Part 3 — Preparing to Meet Mr. Elder

Part 4 — Challenging Authority

Part 5 — Divine Intervention

Part 6 — A Father’s Painful Gift

Part 7 — How Did I Get Here?

Part 8 — Boxes Everywhere

Part 9 — Questions and Logic

Part 10 — Gifts and Blessings

Part 11 — The Seeker

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Angie Cox, AHN-BC
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My Awakening
Got a bit of time to kill? Grab a hot cup of lemon ginger tea and kick back on the couch for a tale of this female's transformation from Religious Zealot to Divine Feminine Goddess.
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