Celebrating Life, Spring, and My Hunky Farmer Boy

It’s Easter Sunday morning, and for probably the first time since I was conceived, I won’t be at an Easter church service.

It’s been almost a year since we went to church….any church. It’s nothing personal at this point. I’ve just got better things to do. That used to really bother me, and I guess on some level it still does. Yesterday, I mentioned it to my Hunky Farmer Boy, and he suggested (rather tongue in cheek) we could instead have Sunrise Services at the farm. I followed up by noting that it probably would be more like a high noon service, because I seriously doubted anyone in our house would be up by sunrise ‘cept me.

“Worship” at the farm and wellness center has become something I look forward to more than any church assembly. There isn’t typically a Bible to be found, nor is there a schedule for announcements, singin’, prayin’, preachin’, and fellowship dinner. There is sunshine, God’s beauty, gratitude, new life, and loads of love. There are usually two or more gathered (most likely me and Hunky Farmer Boy), and there is no doubt whose name we credit with giving us such peace and amazing blessings. And while tiny cups of grape juice and stale, pasty cracker pieces are no where to be found, communion is absolutely, positively happening.

Instead of a baptism, we’ll walk around layin’ hands on our new fruit trees, saying a prayer over them and sending divine light energy up through their roots. We’ll feed, water, and otherwise care for God’s creatures including a couple of old horses, a whole lotta chickens, and some overly lovey-dovey cats. We’ll even partake of God’s blessings by gathering eggs and picking deliciously fresh asparagus.

Then, after a long, sweaty, and dirty day of our style of worship, HFB and I will sit together and watch as the sky turns to the most incredible shades of orange, purple, and pink while the sun sets on the horizon.

Just before heading back to “the house”, if all goes well, I’ll catch Hunky Farmer Boy alone and we’ll appreciate God’s gifts just a bit more. If he’s really lucky, we’ll add our own chapter to the book of Song of Solomon.

Yep, it doesn’t get much more spiritual than Song of Solomon, even on Easter Sunday.

5 Responses to “Celebrating Life, Spring, and My Hunky Farmer Boy”

  • Angie,

    I envy your blessing of enjoying God’s nature and “love of your life”. Don’t give any of it up.

    But, I respond to defend my theology or “church” involvement. I’ll spare you of listing all of our involvement for just this week, a week of serving God by serving people, with method.

    I miss you. We miss the many things you and Eric used to do to make “our church” better and to run more smoothly. I miss many of my friends, who used to be so involved with church attendance, etc.

    Reading Trey’s blog and comments gave me thoughts, too. One of which was “someone mention FAITH.” Faith tells me that God is, that He sent his son to earth, that that was a sacrifice for me, that I am eternally thankful for His life, death, and ressurrection. That faith spurs me on to work until “work is done”. Faith, that then (when work is done) things will be perfect, you, and I, and everyone else, too.

    I enjoy our chicks that came on the same morning as yours, but I get chicken poop on my feet and occassionally even my hands, too. Nothing in this world is completely perfect. I am terribly sorry we failed you and yours and I miss your encouragement of faithful attendance and trying to functions in a congregation of sinners.

    I can’t refrain from saying, that God wants us to have a sense of interdependence and obligation.

    Have we not received the generous gift of His life and the urgent task of passing it on to others? I believe that “church” is that method. I feel committed to supporting with activities, of which none, I do perfectly, but I can’t sit back and wait until I figure it all out.

    Love to you, and yours,

    • Thank you for your kind words and your honesty, Vicki. Our lives have taken some twists and turns, and while some may see failure, we don’t feel that we were failed at all. We have chosen to do some things differently, with no regret other than missing weekly visits with some very kind and loving people.

      Our community and that group of people who worship together are very blessed to have you in their midst. You do so much…have always done so much…with unselfish love.

      Blessings to you and yours.

  • Angie: Given your environment – and your history – this was a very courageous and full-of-truth-telling post. I’m quite certain, however, it was not easy to hit “publish” on. To speak of such “life” has its consequences, doesn’t it?

    Sadly, for most of us, we cannot value life until we know the sting of death. And you, my friend, know it all too well. You have willingly chosen “death” in many ways – death to your past, death to people’s understanding/image of you, death to what felt comfortable (even when it didn’t).

    And in return, you now know life (with death’s whisper still in the wings, no doubt) – a pursuit of freedom, honesty, and absolutely no requirement to be anything other than yourself.

    Call me crazy, but that feels like resurrection. That feels like hope. That feels like faith. And though there’s no need to defend such theologically, I think I could make a case for it – and would, for you.

    Happy Easter, Angie. May you know the joy of Friday’s end and Sunday’s rejoicing – every single day – along with the oh-so-cute farm boy.

  • Beautiful thoughts, Ronna. Here’s to experiencing and celebrating resurrection every day, one day at a time.

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