Apparently today was a good day to blog about hypocracy. Seems half the people I follow had some element of hypocracy as their theme.  A couple that stood out to me included Trey Morgan’s post You Might Be a Hypocrite If… and Jessica Ahlquist’s post A Crown of Thorns with Jelly.

Trey, a minister,  takes the Jeff Foxworthy approach to identifying hypocratic tendancies that seem to rear their ugly  heads in Christianity from time to time. Jessica shares her story about efforts to secure separation of church and state in the public school she attends. She goes head to head with an ultra-right-wing Christian “hell-bent” on keeping prayer in the school. Said Christian had apparently been arrested in the past for “…freaking out and throwing a pro-life video at someone…”.

Both are good reads.

And it took everything inside of me to keep my mouth shut on Trey’s blog. I had a few things to add to his list, but didn’t feel like he deserved to have to deal with the ruckus I am capable of causing.

Nevertheless, I have a few questions to ask regarding this whole hypocracy thing.

Like, isn’t it a bit hypocritical to be pro-life and pro-war?

And what about supporting a thrice divorced candidate as the cheerleader for family values?

I’m even wondering if Jesus would support a political candidate who advocates drilling for oil in our protected areas?

I mean really, What Would Jesus Do?

Stem cell research….I wonder if Jesus would allow a child to suffer with a horrible disease that might be curable at some point through stem cell research? Oh wait….he’d just miraculously heal them. Hmmm…..bad example. :P

Might it be a tad hypocritical to cut federal funding for women’s health care clinics for the poor while bankrolling the banking and auto industry?

What about the Christian approach to solving the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa? Eliminate the funding for medicine and condoms and start teaching them to keep their appendages behind their zipper.

That’s a real weinner.

What kinds of hypocritical political poop can you add to this list?

6 Responses to “Hypocracy”

  • LeighAnn:

    My mom and I argued about Obama back when he was running. (I voted
    democratic..gasp!!) She said christians vote Republican since
    they are pro-life. There are several things wrong with that since
    they are also pro-death..as in death penalty. Against socialized
    medicine, but for medicare. The reason I voted Democratic is
    that they seemed FOR something, less angry. More hopeful.
    Jesus pretty much was removed from politics-maybe for good reason.
    But if He was in America, some people might be surprised at what
    He might say about our policies.

    • Ah yes, the pro-life vs. pro-death penalty bit. That’s a good one. And yes, I think many people would be stunned at what Jesus would have to say about our policies.

    • Eric Clayton:

      I know many many Christians who vote Liberal Democrat.
      I myself voted Nader, twice. Let’s make sure we don’t “cookie cutter”
      all the Christians!
      And let’s thank God that we’re not like that hypocritical Pharisee!

      • Geography plays a role in that, I think. Around here, it right-wing conservative or else. Wish I knew how to open a few more eyes. Maybe this is one way.

  • I think hypocracy is a trait of humans in general. We tend to express our hypocracy in many ways not even related to religion. However, here in the Bible Belt it is so much more noticiable than other geographic locales. It is difficult for me to be too difficult on the right since I was there for so long and understand that it is a religious cultural thing and God knows that there doesn’t have to be a good, reasonable reason for believing something if it has the “religious” tag attached to it.

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