Julia Roberts is a Hindu

August 8, 2010 0 Comments

I amused myself this morning reading the entertainment news on Google. One headline said “Julia Roberts Hindu”. I’m thinking she’s married some guy named Hindu.

Not so.

She’s adopted Hindu practices.

And then I started reading some of the comments.

And I thought I’d share a couple of them with you to see what you think.

“…interesting is the difference of Christians who are raised in a Hindu or Buddhists society compared to morons raised on TV evangelism or southern Baptist style hate Christianity.”

Okay, that one’s an OUCH! I have some very nice Southern Baptist friends, yet the TV evangelist thing kind of resonated. It does provide significant food for thought. Would a Buddhist convert to Christianity be a better Christian than the bred and born and raised in it and born again Christians are? What would happen if Christianity began to teach some Buddhist or Hindu concepts to their members? Would that change the perception of those like the commenter mentioned above?

I thought this one was hysterical. “…The Scientologist must be pizzed!!” Cause, you know, this is one movie star they didn’t get….yet.

And of course, there were some like this: “…People that think this way don’t really have a relationship with the True and living God through Jesus!”

I have to confess, that last one gets me.

I often wonder how many people spend their lives feeling guilty because they know that as a Christian, they are supposed to have such a critter as “a relationship with the¬†true and living¬†God”, but never really figure out what that’s supposed to look like or feel like. And I wonder how many of those who claim they do have that relationship really know what a relationship is and with whom/what they are relating?

What do you think?

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