Going Green—Are They Serious?

Yesterday, number one daughter and I were assassinating a bit of time during our extended lunch break at massage class. We cruised through a couple of stores in the strip mall, and ended up at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

I LOVE that store. If I had a million dollars,  I could probably blow at least $750K of it right there in BB&B. My all-time best blender came from there. After blasting through and subsequently burning up no less than three of the Wally-World $30 blenders, I finally bit a bullet and plunked down $100 on a BB&B version.

….and I haven’t purchased a blender in two years now.

Of course, I really want one of those $750 blenders that will turn your garden into hot soup with the push of a button, but that will have to wait awhile.

But I digress.

So anyway, cruising the aisles of BB&B I stumbled my way through the small appliances because I love small appliances. That includes coffee makers, although I am having a coffee free summer this time around….except when I get a Starbucks Mocha Cappucchino urge while picking up PowerAdes for the horse camp. Then I have a coffee binge.

So anyway, cruising the aisles of BB&B amidst a sea of coffee makers, I noticed these shelves of cups. Hard, plastic cups. And in front of them is a “green” logo and a sign that says something to the effect that these hard plastic cups are the latest novelty. You can actually wash, rinse, and reuse them and help save the planet.


We are now marketing reusable drinking glasses as a new, green, environmentally friendly, and cost efficient way to consume a beverage.

Why the heck didn’t I think of that?

Oh wait. I did. They are called iced tea glasses and coffee mugs. Unfortunately I wasn’t the first on that deal, either.

Geez!  What’s next? Washable, reusable plates and flatware?

Back off! I called ’em first!

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